Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Trip to the Groomer's...

So I woke up yesterday morning and my mommy told me that I was going for a R-I-D-E! I got so excited and started running all over the house like a wild banshee and my mom chased me around for like five minutes trying to get my collar and leash on. Finally, I let her catch me and I jumped into my mawmaw's car with my mommy, mawmaw and Aunt Lauren. I was so excited jumping all over the car and barking at random people on the sidewalk and acting like a crazy man.I really love to look out the window because I am very nosy and don't like to miss anything. I jump around the car which I know my mommy doesn't like, but I can't help it. I do this so I can see better.First, we took my Aunt Lauren to school and my mommy got this sweet shot of me and my Aunt Lauren. I was wiggling because I wanted to get to the window in case I missed something.
My mom kept sticking this thing in my face and I wasn't being very cooperative she said. She cut my head off in this shot, but she thought that it looked cool and she wanted to share it with my "blugger" friends.So we dropped off at Aunt Lauren at school with much barking from me and we kept driving. All of a sudden everything started to look a little familiar to me and I realized that I was going to the groomer's. My mawmaw stopped the car and I started screaming bloody murder. My mom picked me up and grabbed my bookbag and took me into the building. She handed me over to the groomers and gave me a kiss all while I was struggling to get back to her. She left and a couple of hours later she came to pick me up and I gave her a million kisses and dug my claws deep into her skin just in case she decided to leave me in this place. On the ride home I was a little more calm and when we got home I ran to the couch and laid down. I was pooped. It was a very stressful day for me, but doesn't my new haircut look so nice?Then my mommy and mawmaw left. They said that they were going to Petsmart to get me a harness for the carseat that my mommy bought and never uses so that way she can start using it so I don't cause any accidents. I watched them leave and used my sad eyes to lure them back, but it didn't work. I waited patiently for them to return while resting on the couch. Hey a dog has to get his sleep!
Finally they were back and they put me in that dreadful contraption which they called a "harness" or something. Don't I look cute in this? I was so glad when she finally took it off.

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