Friday, July 30, 2010

New Addition to my family...

Last night my hoomans brought home this loud tweeting thing. He chirps and sings and whistles and is very annoying. He's cutting into MY naptime. I think that I needs to have a talk with this noisy animal. Ugh. Something about he is a birfday present for my Mawmaw..I say take it back...BOL!

Note from Mom: We got Avery's Mawmaw a cockatiel for her birthday. She has wanted one for forever so we went ahead and surprised her with it last night. Avery seems a little skeptical about this new creature being in our house, but hopefully with time he will just get used to the bird being here. I was a little worried that Avery would be jealous because he LOVES his Mawmaw, but he seems to be doing okay. Here's a picture of our newest family member. His name is Cosmo and he is a 9 month old Cockatiel..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Wish Came True...

So biggest wish came true..the other night my mom was eating some 'kix' (the kids cereal..) when the dog gods looked down upon me and a kix fell out of her bowl and I got to eat it!!

My mom was not happy by any means as I have to be on special food, treats, etc..due to my extensive list of allergies..she was mentally preparing herself for a puke or diarrhea fest, but to her great surprise I wasn't sick at all..

My mom said that I was in big trouble, but I gave her this face and all was okay..(haha SUCKER!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Um..Mom? Why is Ms. Platti trying to give me a hug? BOL!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Gotcha Story...

I don't think that I have shared the story of how I was adopted by my mommy yet to all you furfriends yet. So here goes:

My mom has always wanted a little dog ever since she was a little girl. She would ask my Mamaw and Popaw every birthday or Christmas for a little dog and they always said no. She was bummed, but then when she was old enough to get her own place she wanted to get a little pup of her own.

For some reason my Mommy always wanted a Jack Russell so one Saturday she went to the dog pound and found an older Jack Russell up for adoption. She wanted to go to the flea market to see what dogs were being sold there before she made a final decision, but she said that if she didn't find anything that she would go back and get the Jack Russell.

So she went to the flea market and saw a girl Jack Russell being sold for a little more than my mom wanted to spend. And my mom wasn't too thrilled about having a girl dog. For some reason, she knew that she wanted a little boy and wasn't really interested in a little girl dog.

She was walking through the flea market when she saw this lady and her daughter with a little playpen filled with three little Chihuahua/Schnauzer puplets. She went over to look and this was the first time that I met my mommy. She fell in love right there with my big eyes and cute little floppy ears. She saw my sister who was short-haired and had emerald green eyes and my brother who look almost identical to me, but he had a round face. My mom decided that she would look at all the rest of the dogs before she made a final decision, but she couldn't get me out of her head. She came back!!

My Mom's boyfriend at the time wanted to get me and my sister, but my mom said no. She said that she could only handle one puplet at the time financially and didn't want to have two puplets on her hands. So my mom paid the lady $50 dollars for me and off we went. And life has never been the same since for either one of us.

A few months after I was adopted my mom split with that boyfriend of hers and couldn't decide if she wanted to move back in with my Mawmaw or with my mom's real dad. She wanted to move in with her dad, but he had just lost his dog of 13 years and told her that he couldn't handle having another dog in the house so soon and that my mom would have to find another home for me if she wanted to live there. This wasn't an option for my mom. She refused to give me up knowing that she would have a broken heart so she moved in with my Mawmaw and Popaw. My Mawmaw and Popaw fell right in love with me right away so it was meant to be. There was no way my mom was giving me up!

And so we've been together for a little over 4 years now and my mom says that she is thankful for me every single day. I love her and she loves me!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Do you think that I have enough toys?

In other news my mom got one of this things called a Nook for her birfday and has been spending quite some time reading "ebooks" on this thing. So much time in fact that she hasn't been able to keep up with helping with my blog and its been cutting into my belly rub time. Here is a picture of the nook in case you don't know what I am talking about.

Also, some good news, my knot has drastically reduced in size. It was the size of a half-dollar, but now its about the size of a penny. My mommy is really happy that it is going down in size.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 24th Birfday to my Mommy!!!...

(My Mommy and me...I luv her!!!...)

Today is my mommy's 24th birfday..I woke her up with lots of kisses this morning, just to let her know how special she is to me..I also got her a card that has a chihuahua on the front of it, just like me!! I also gave her a bookmark (because she is forever reading and ignoring!) that says that something like dogs love you unconditionally or something. (I dont remember..)

Sowee we haven't been on much (moms been kinda lazy..) but nothing really new to share with you my furfriends other than I have a new haircut and I have a knot on my side. My mom found it right by my hip the other day and was freaking out and going crazy. She took me to the vet on Monday and the vet man told her that it was a reaction to one of the shots I got back a couple of weeks ago and that it would go away in about 1-2 months and nothing to worry about..whew!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Paw It Forward, Baths and Zoomies....

I was sleeping really good this morning when my mom told me that I was going with her to Petsmart to buy my paw it forward gifts for Chewy & Lilibell over at the Chis and the City blog!! She said that I could pick something out and use my giftcard from Mollie Jo and Bobo too!!
(Yes..I know that I am a boy and that I am laying on a PINK blanket..but it's my mom's blanket [named mom is EXTREMELY Weird!!] that she has had since she was 6 months old and it smells like there!!) went waited until Mawmaw got home from work and then we went to Petsmart (there are no pics of the trip because my mommy forgot the camera at home..)

I helped pick out some great pressies for Chewy and Lilibell. Here is a pic of the bags...I also used my gift card and got some cool new toys!! Check them out:I have decided to name one of my new toys after Bobo..He and Mollie Jo were the ones who helped me get these of posting this blog post, we have not named the other two toys. Here is a picture of me and "Bobo"...Then it was time for a bath and lots of zoomies..(no dog or hooman was harmed during the filming of this video..bol!!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My mom was off work today and making me watch boring Jane Austen movies when my Popaw brought in the mail. There was something in the mail addressed to me...WHAT!! I never get mail!!

It was a letter from my furfriends Mollie Jo and Bobo...they selected me to be the recipient of their paw it forward!! I checked out the letter and sniffed it for a few minutes and then my mom said it was time to open and see what we got!! (Note from MOM: sorry that the pics suck..Avery was being less than cooperative)

My mom read the letter out to me and said that I had gotten a cool new name tag and a gift card to Petsmart!! I am SOOOO Excited!! Thanks so much Mollie Jo and Bobo for getting me such cool stuff! My mom says that she is going to put the name tag on my bookbag so that way when we take it places everyone will know that it is MINE!! It even has something cool written on the back that says that I am an official doggie blogger!! How neat is that!

Thanks again Mollie Jo and Bobo for the cool gifts..Now it is my turn to select some recipients for our turn. My mom has already sent an email to the luck dog(s) mom and is awaiting a response and then it's time to pick out cool pressies!!