Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today is My Birfday...

Today I is five years old! I am a big boy! I gots a new bed and a "Birthday Boy" Shirt from my mommy! Of course I gots tons of love..gotta go and get that birfday belly to you all soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did You Miss Me?...

So here I am once again apologizing for my mother's serious lack of concern for my blog and keeping up with my friends. We did have a problem with the computer but thank dogness it was covered under the warranty and we could get it fixed. We shipped it off and received it back in less then a week, so Mom can't blame the computer peoples for the long absence. Turns out the problem with the laptop was the motherboard so thank dog it was covered because those are EXPENSIVE!!

Other news, I have my fifth birthday in less than 2 weeks and Mom is over here freaking out because she hates when I have birthdays. She wants me to stay little forever. Silly Mom!!

I had to go to the vet this week, not once, but twice because I was a doofus and hurt my back when I crashed into the couch after trying to jump onto it. My back was so sore and I was screaming my head off because it hurt so bad. My mom was so upset she was crying too because she hates to see me in pain. She feels so helpless sometimes in situations like that. She wishes that she can take the pain away and doesn't know what to do. So she took me to the vet and he fixed me up. I am feeling much better. I just needed some rest and relaxation and boy did I milk it and get all the attention.

Mom has been back at work three days a week and has been very busy. She is thankful that she is back at work even if it is only part time. We get to spend every Thursday and Friday and the weekend all by ourselves. I really enjoy that time because I get to sleep in with my Mommy and cuddle with her all day.

I am going to leave you with some recent pictures..I hope all of you are well and hopefully Mom will let me get on the computer to stop by all your bloggies and say hello.