Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to Normal..

So my mom got back from vacation and boy was I excited to see her. I think I kept giving her kisses over and over for like an hour before I finally calmed down. I was a good little boy for my Mawmaw and Aunt Lauren while mom was away. She had a good time, but she said that she missed me so much. I mean how could she not miss me?

Mom has unpacked and everything is back to normal, well as normal as it can be around here. Nothing really new to report other than I have been getting a lot of Christmas cards from my furpals and getting ready for Christmas. I wonder if Santa Paws will leave me something under the tree. I thinks I have been a good boy this year. My mom might have something different to say about that though. BOL!

This weekend I am going to have my picture taken at the Happy Dog Cafe. There is the option to take the picture with Santa Paws or by oneself on a pretty snowflake background. Mom hasn't decided yet what to do. Last year the picture with Santa Paws didn't turn out too well because I was a big chicken. I have to go to the groomer's on Thursday to get ready for my photo. Yippee!

My mom took this video of me as we were watching Elliot's video. Go watch it for yourself. Mom thought I looked cute and took this video.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My mom is going out of town tomorrow until Sunday. There will be no blog posts obviously because she will be abandoning me to go to some stupid place called Gatlinburg, TN.. How least I have a wonderful Mawmaw who will be taking care of hah..

I leave you with the picture that did make the christmas card this to you guys soon.