Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Got In Trouble..

I got in trouble this morning. My mommy was mad at me because I was messing around in the kitchen. See sometimes my grandparents' dogs leave some kibble or other good stuff near their kennels and I try to steal it and eat it because I have to be on special food because I have a lot of allergies. My mom got mad because I was doing just that this morning.

I learned the other day that my mom is being laid off from work and I'm kind of worried about what this means for me. Thank goodness we live at home with my mawmaw and popaw because otherwise we would have to live in a cardboard box with a flap and that would just suck. I am also worried because I am "high-maintenance" and want to be sure that my mom can afford all my needs. I'm sure my mawmaw would help her because she just loves me! My mom has been kind of down in the dumps because she is worried about finding a job but I'm trying my best to be a good puppy and make her laugh so she can feel better.

My mommy and mawmaw are going tomorrow night to see Wicked and they will be gone probably until 11 or 11.30 at night. Who am I supposed to sleep with until my mom gets home? Um. Hello! You would think that she would have thought about my sleeping arrangements before she planned this, but NO! Maybe Aunt Lauren will sucker and feel sorry for me and let me sleep with her until they get home.

My mommy and mawmaw are both taking a vacation day on Friday and apparently I'm supposed to go to the groomer's and get a haircut that day. Just great! My mommy and mawmaw are going to drop me off and then come and pick me up. I always cling to my mommy when she picks me up with my nails dug deep into her skin just so she won't leave me there. I always have to take a special bookbag when I go to the groomer's. None of the other dogs do, so I get a little embarrassed sometimes. I have to have a special blanket for my kennel and a special towel because I am allergic to cotton and can't lay on normal blankets. My mom said that she would try to get a before and after picture of me for me to post on my blog but we will have to see if I will let her take the picture. That depends on my mood that day.

My mommy tried to get a picture of me this morning of me being mean and grumpy and showing attitude. Everytime she tried to take the picture I would look all sweet and innocent. I don't want the world seeing me when I'm not at my best. That will simply just not do. So here's the picture that she did get. Don't I look like an angel?


  1. Oh you could never be naughty - you look like such a good boy. Especially in that picture...what an angel! You certainly are a spoiled boy but that's okay. It's supposed to be that way right?!

    We're sorry your mom got laid off. Hopefully something will pop up to keep her busy & keep you as spoiled as ever! But we know you will be spoiled no matter what. ;o) You lucky poochie you!

  2. Oh Avery, you are the luckiest puppy in the world to have such a sweet mommy! I know you'll mommy will always find a way to take care of such a sweet puppy like you. <3