Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Pictures...

My mommy and I took some pictures today for our Christmas cards to send to our friends and family. Here is a couple of the ones that didn't make the card this year. Mom says I am not allowed to post the picture that made the cut because she wants it to be a surprise. I am wearing my cute vest from Lilibell's Couture, you might not be able to see it because the pictures are black and white, but mom promises to show you how handsome I look in it in a post later this week.

Pee Ess: Mom apologizes for the blurriness of the pictures. My Mawmaw was being a doofus with the camera..BOL!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

I just wanted to take a moment on Thanksgiving to tell all my furfriends what I am thankful for...

**For my mom who takes care of me and loves me unconditionally and gives me everything that a dog could ask for and more**

**For my Mawmaw who loves me just as much as my mom does and is a superb cuddler (That pic above is of me and my Mawmaw..just in case you were wondering...BOL)

**For the fact that even though my mom is unemployed, that financially we are okay and that we have a roof over our heads and a place to call home and that we know everything will work out for the best**

I hope that everybody has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to spend lots of time with your families and remember not to take the little things forgranted..

Much Love,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

So Long...

It has been furever since my assistant could be bothered to help me post on my blog. I bet all you furfriends forgot all about me because mom has been so lazy..

Lots of things have happened since I posted last. My mom got laid off from her job and now we spend tons of time together. She needs to get out more, she's been getting on my nerves. I do like the get to sleep in and cuddle thing though. She has been looking for a job and gets unemployment benefits, so I can still eat and everything. BOL!

I am getting ready to go in a couple of weeks and get my christmas picture taken at the Happy Dog. My mom ordered a special outfit for me from Chewy and Lilibell's mom. You can buy a super cute outfit too from Lilibell's Couture. They have boys and girls dog clothes.

We have received the christmas card exchange list and we are very busy preparing to send out christmas cards to all my furfriends. I can't wait to receive cards from all my furfriends and for all my friends to get my cards. This is very exciting!!

My mom assures me that she will try her best to try to help me post more on my blog. We shall see. I miss all you guys!!