Friday, September 10, 2010

Me So Sleepy...

My mom got me a snuggle sack back in April for my birfday and I haven't been in it much because I am terrified of it it's been too hot. However the other night I went in it and my mom of course had to capture it on camera..

In other news I had to go to the House of Satan vet yesterday for my allergy shot. Everything went great. I was such a good boy. I didn't even cry or flinch or anything. Mommy is so proud of me! However, this morning my mom woke up and noticed that there was red bumps under my skin on my belly, but they weren't raised or anything. She called the vet and they said that I had to come back in. So I had to get tortured go to the vet twice in two days. It was horrible let me tell you. The vet looked at my stomach and said (in real serious vet voice) "Mmmmhhhhmmmm..looks like Avery scraped his belly and it is just a bruise." Let's just say that my mom wasn't too thrilled about spending $34 on a BRUISE, but she thought that I was having some freak allergy reaction from the shot.

Also, remember how my mom was thinking that I was due for my annual and the 3yr rabies and DHHP shots in October..nope we gots a card in the mail and it was for THIS month..My mom about had a heart attack. She is really scared that I am going to have a reaction to the rabies shot, but she talked to the vet today and he is just going to do the physical exam part and just the rabies shot and then we will have to go back again to get the rest. This makes Mommy feels tons better. So one week from today is SHOT mawmaw is going to take the day off from work to go with us in case I have a reaction and we are going to stay at the vet's office for a little while after the shot just to make sure I don't have a reaction. Paws crossed that everythings goes okay...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lazy Day...

Today was pretty much a lazy day. I looked out the window some..

Then I played peek-a-boo with Mommy..

And then I did this for the rest of the day...

Me wants to wish all my furfriends a happy and safe Labor Day weekend..

Pee Ess: My mom wanted me to pass along some information. I am on Royal Canin Rabbit and Potato food. She also wanted me to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions. She says that she will discuss some of these things with the Devil Vet...also she wants to know if any of your furfriends have had any allergic reactions to the rabies vaccine. I am due for my 3 year rabies shot next month..I didn't have any allergic reactions to my first one, but my mom is super paranoid and wants to be prepared just in case (she seems to think that I might have a reaction because of all my allergies popping up since the last time the shot was done)..if you could be so kind to let her know what to expect with a rabies shot allergic reaction then we all might just be able to get some sleep around here...BOL!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My friend Miley gave me an award. Isn't it pretty?...

My mom says that I have to follow the rules (

1. Please thank the dog who gave this to you, and link to them.
(Thanks Miley for being such a wonderful furfriend and for giving me this pawsome award!)

2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.
(I have decided that because I just did this about myself not too long ago, that I will do ten things for my mommy but things that have to do with me..ok?)

*My mom is MAJOR paranoid about me. She worries all the time over every little thing. Like if I sneeze or something (maybe not that drastic), she is ready to run off to the v-e-t..(shudders)..I do have to admit though she has gotten better since she can't afford to run to the vet all the time because she works part time only now...but she still calls the vet just to give her peace of mind..

*My mom wants to write a chihuahua mystery series featuring a dog like me (DUH!)...

*My mom has problems sleeping if I am not in the bed with her (which rarely happens.) She likes to feel me up against her leg. She says it helps her sleep knowing that I am right beside her..

*My mom is a sucker for my sad puppy dog eyes..I can get away with mostly everything, if I give her sad that time I ate her retainers and her Harry Potter book..

*My mom has a million nicknames for fact she can't even remember all the ones she has used over the past 4 years..

*One time, my mom thought she lost me and she cried and cried..even though I was just hiding..she felt so happy that I wasn't gone that she gave me all her ice cream cone..numm..

*My mom once gave me a piece of chocolate...this was before she knew the dangers of chocolate and it didn't even make me sick..a little hyper and a little more crazier then normal but I was just fine..she still won't forgive herself for that...

*My mom had my name picked out before she even saw me for the first time. She was going to name whatever dog she got "Avery"..but luckily my name fits me..I looks like an "Avery"...

*My mom has a necklace with my name on that she wears all the time. She says she likes having me close to her heart all the time..(MUSHY!)

*And finally, my mom would do anything for me to make sure that I was happy. She quit smoking for me and gave up a lot for me when I was going through all that allergy stuff. She was quite poor for some time, but it didn't bother her because she wants to make sure that I get everything that I need. I loves her..

(Please ignore the horrible hairdo of needed to take me to the groomers really bad)

So now the last thing for me to do is to give away the award to 15 of my friends and because I am really too lazy to pick anyone I want to give this award to all my furfriends and say thank you for following my blog and my adventures (cough cough) are the bestest furfriends in the wholes wides world!