Friday, August 13, 2010


A couple of years ago when I was a pupster I had quite the adventure. You see my mom wears retainers every night because she used to wear braces and they help keep everything in place. Well one day I got a hold of these said retainers and proceeded to rip them into tiny little plastic shreds leaving them all over the house. When my mom found out she was pretty mad. I got into big trouble.

My mom had to go back to the orthodontist and have a replacement pair of retainers made and they cost her $400.00. So let's just say she wasn't exactly the most happy camper in the world.

So I am curious about all the things my furfriends have done. Those things where we got in trouble at the time, but we look back and say maybe I shouldn't have done that but it was unforgetable nonetheless.

So I am opening the floor up to all my furfruends here. Please post on your own blogs about an incident where you got into trouble. If you share a blog with another furpal then make sure they share a story as well..

Can't wait to hear of your adventures..Mom says don't give me any bad ideas though...BOL!!


  1. Shiver is a chewer so he's chewed up a LOT of things he shouldn't have! One of my dad's beagles chewed a hole in his recliner this week. He's also chewed up their couch.

    When I first got Shiver as a puppy and complained to my mom about how he was chewing on everything in sight, she told me I just needed to get him some toys to chew on. He had/has plenty, he just preferrs chewing on things he shouldn't be instead! Then her and my dad got a beagle puppy so now when she complains about him chewing on stuff, I like to tell her she just needs to get him a few toys. Yeah, she doesn't like that very much! lol

  2. I love stories like that! Haylie has eaten 2 couches, countless shoes, cell phones and remotes. She is 3 1/2 and she still will chew if I leave stuff out!

  3. Great story!

    Leroy has eaten, cell phones, remotes, countless shoes and slippers, baterries, silly bandz, hair tyes, rocks, blankies, oh... the list goes on and on:)

  4. Hahaha Avery, you were a naughty little pupster, lucky your mama loves you so much. I liked to chew on electric cords when I was small. My humans had to tape and hide every single one of them to protect them from my teefers...Now I like to chew on pizzles and a new treat cow hoofs, nummies.

  5. Hmmm.... I guess I am a boring doggie. I have never done something I should not!
    Happy saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Avery, one time when I was a youngster Dad left his camera chip on the coffee table and left the house. So I eyed it, and it was such a pretty shade of blue that I thought it was a blueberry and I chewed it! Come to find out, it was not a blueberry, but it was still fun to chew on, BOL! Dad was super pissed when he got home, but Mom said it was all his fault for leaving it on the table (way to go Mom!).

    Waggles, Chewy

  7. hello there,

    thanks for dropping by and for following us....we will return the favour.

    you are one cutie patootie and we Know we will be goofy, oops, good furiends, BOL!!!

    coco and tiffy

  8. Avery Jack.....I think we shall take your cool idear and run with it! We will make this week outlaws week!!! We will post about it Monday!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo
    & Uncle Puppy

  9. We can't believe you are a hooligan - it is just a bit of selective teefs exercise isn't it!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  10. My human Sarah has braces now, and she REALLY hopes I don't do that.

    When I was a puppy, our furends lent as an expensive cook book (can you see where this is going)? Well, I was in my teething stage. I don't think I need to explain what happened next... well, lets just say we had to pay for another book. I say, at least we got a cook book (you CAN still read it) out of it. :) Sadly, Sarah's mum doesn't see it that way....