Thursday, January 20, 2011

Much Needed Pupdate....

Hola all! I apologize once again for taking so long to update this blog. So Mom still hasn't found a job yet. There are not even any jobs for her to apply for in her field, so we're kind of bummed out about that. Her old boss did text her phone this morning and asked if she had a new job yet. Mom responded and as of this post the old boss hasn't text her back yet. So paws crossed for Mom.

Mom has rediscovered cross stitch and that has been taking up a lot of her time. She promises to post a picture of her project soon so all of you can see. I think it looks very pretty, but I am upset that the time she uses to cross stitch could be better used to scratch my belly or something. Moms (rolls eyes)!

Mom thinks that she has mono again. She has been showing some of the symptoms and we've been sleeping a lot lately. Mom had mono back about 5 years ago and she can always have symptoms pop back up. So that's the reason why we haven't been posting much. She really has no energy and wants to sleep ALL the time. I'm cool with that. We snuggle.

We had a lot of snow here last week and Aunt Lauren was out of school for the whole week! We played a lot together when me and Mom weren't sleeping. Other than that everything is great and everyone is okay around here. Hope to talk to you again soon!


  1. Good to see you Avery Jack! We will cross our paws fur your mom to get better and find the job she needs!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  2. Thanks for the update. we hope things turn around for your mom and she feels better soon. great to see you.

  3. Hi Avery mom has been lax about my blog too. We hope your mom finds a good job soon. My mom got laid off, but she is oldish and just considered it retirement...

  4. Hey!! Super to hear from you. Sorry about your mom. I will cross my paws fur her for BOTH thingys.

    Hey... Lookin fur something FUN??? Check out MangoMinster 2011... it is a blast and there is even a grrrrreat Side Contest you can get into sponsored by Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie.. and THAT WILL be a HOOTIE I assure you!!

  5. We hope your mom feels better soon and that she gets a job soon too! Thanks for the update on your blogging situation.

    Elyse and Riley

  6. Hey Cutie!!! We will definitely keep our paws and fingers crossed for your Mom....that she finds a job (or gets her old one back) and that she isn't coming down with mono again. And we'd fur sure love to see a pic of her new hobby! We know how you feel about Moms spending too much time on their hobbies when it could be better spent with us!!!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  7. Avery Jack,

    I has missed you too my furiend! I sure hopes dat your mom is OK, I will send her some puppy prayers to help her feel better faster. Paws are crossed dat her finds a job soon too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Good to see you again, Avery Jack!

    Hope your mom gets to feeling better again real soon. I've never had mono but have heard it's pretty nasty stuff!

    Sorry that your mom still hasn't found a job yet. I've been out of work for forever so I can empathize greatly with her. My mom tells that not every job I apply for has to be my dream job. Um, hello... MOST jobs I apply for these days aren't exactly dream jobs!

  9. Paws crossed here for your Mom!
    For a good job!
    For her good health!
    My mom loves cross stitch too!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs