Sunday, November 21, 2010

So Long...

It has been furever since my assistant could be bothered to help me post on my blog. I bet all you furfriends forgot all about me because mom has been so lazy..

Lots of things have happened since I posted last. My mom got laid off from her job and now we spend tons of time together. She needs to get out more, she's been getting on my nerves. I do like the get to sleep in and cuddle thing though. She has been looking for a job and gets unemployment benefits, so I can still eat and everything. BOL!

I am getting ready to go in a couple of weeks and get my christmas picture taken at the Happy Dog. My mom ordered a special outfit for me from Chewy and Lilibell's mom. You can buy a super cute outfit too from Lilibell's Couture. They have boys and girls dog clothes.

We have received the christmas card exchange list and we are very busy preparing to send out christmas cards to all my furfriends. I can't wait to receive cards from all my furfriends and for all my friends to get my cards. This is very exciting!!

My mom assures me that she will try her best to try to help me post more on my blog. We shall see. I miss all you guys!!


  1. Avery, we could NEVER forget somebuddy as cute as you! We know how it is dealing with lazy assistants, it's been FUREVER since our assistant has helped us blog!

    Sorry to hear about your Mom losing her job, butt yes, the positive thing about it is more time with her!! We sometimes wish our Mom was home more :(

    Mom is working on your outfit and is hoping to have it in the mail to you this week! We so can't wait to see how handsome you're going to look in it!!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  2. Oh Avery Jack I am so very much glad to hear from you. Sorry about your mom's job loss, butt her loss seems to by YOUR Gain.
    I am sure you will be able to Motivate her to help you post more often. We MISSED you.

  3. Awww Hi there Avery Jack! We have missed you very much. Sorry to hear your momma lost her job but at least you get to spend lots of time with her. We love having our momma be a student online cause we get to spend time with her. We are excited too about the card exchange.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie JO & Bobo

  4. My goodness Avery are one unforgetable pupster. Glad to see you on again. We hope your mom will post some pictures of you in your new cloths.

  5. hey AveryJack, your mumster's loss is definitely your gain bol....but we still feel for her

    do come over for your award


  6. When I read the title of your post, I thought it meant "So Long..." as in you weren't going to be posting anymore. Whew, I'm glad I was wrong! Welcome back, I've missed you!!!

    I'm so sorry about your mom losing her job. What a huge bummer!

    I really need to get started on my Christmas cards too, I haven't even really looked over the list yet.

  7. Hi, Avery Jack!
    I was wondering were where you!
    Sorry about your mom's job... but I am sure she will find a good one soon.
    For now.... enjoy having her at home with you all the time!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Avery Jack, you are as cute as ever! I'm so sorry about your mom's job. I know that is hard for humans to deal with. Tell her we are praying for her.