Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lazy Day...

Today was pretty much a lazy day. I looked out the window some..

Then I played peek-a-boo with Mommy..

And then I did this for the rest of the day...

Me wants to wish all my furfriends a happy and safe Labor Day weekend..

Pee Ess: My mom wanted me to pass along some information. I am on Royal Canin Rabbit and Potato food. She also wanted me to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions. She says that she will discuss some of these things with the Devil Vet...also she wants to know if any of your furfriends have had any allergic reactions to the rabies vaccine. I am due for my 3 year rabies shot next month..I didn't have any allergic reactions to my first one, but my mom is super paranoid and wants to be prepared just in case (she seems to think that I might have a reaction because of all my allergies popping up since the last time the shot was done)..if you could be so kind to let her know what to expect with a rabies shot allergic reaction then we all might just be able to get some sleep around here...BOL!


  1. Just don't let the (Devil) VET give you ANY OTHER SHOTS on the Same day!!!!

  2. looks like a nice lazy day :) I'm sorry you have to get your shot soon, but at least you'll be set for a long time :) and I didn't have an allergic reaction to mine though. Good luck!

  3. Avery, I've never had any problems with any of my shots and I am 11 years old!!!! Tell your mom to relax ;o)
    I sure would love to spend a lazy day with my mom and dad.....maybe this weekend!

  4. Oh yeah, Labor Day! I tend to forget about holidays now that I'm not working. They just don't mean the same thing.

    Fortunately, none of my pets have ever had any issues with shots. Not even my sickly kitty.

  5. I've had a lazy day too. Lazy days are nice sometimes...

    Sorry you have to go to the VET. I've never had a problem with mine, yet I'm two years old. Don't worry about it. Oh, and tell her lots of ice-cream and yummy human food helps with preventing allergies (but don't tell her I made it up) ;P

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  6. I have never had a bad reaction to a vaccine... and I get lots of them during the year!
    Here in Mexico is different. Rabbies must be applied twice a year! Not funny!
    Lazy days... are very good!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hello my cutie 'huahua friend!

    My mommy wanted me to tell you that when my moms got me from my dog-mommy's human-mom (whoa that's a lot of moms...) she said that she'd read that in Chihuahuas specifically rabies shots have caused issues. But the BIGGEST cause of issues for us ChiChis in regards to vaccines is the LEPTO vaccine. She said that she did a lot of vaccine reading (because you have to remember that the vet business as well as the vaccine business is a huge money market, like any other business) before she got her pups vaccinated and Chihuahuas seem to be VERY susceptible to problems with that vaccine.

    Oh and mom says thanks for the food brand!!

    And you look like you ha my favorite kind of day... but today I went to my mommy's college course... I guess that's supposed to make me even smarter... have you ever heard of a pup in college!? I'm going to be SO smart!

    Tiny-Tongue Lickies,

  8. Avery Jack-lazy days are so much fun:) I wish I had more of them. Tell your Mom not to worry about vaccine reactions, especially if you never had a reaction in the past. Working at a vet clinic we don't see many reactions to the rabies vaccine, actually I have only seen 1 in the last 5 years and it was a mild case of hives.
    Tell your Mom too, that the Devil most likely would not give you the vaccine if he thought you weren't well enough:)

  9. ME!!!! I had a bad allergic reaction to my rabies shot the very first time I got it! I lost a big spot of hair on my leg, where the shot was given!! I have an old post in my blog about it where you can see a picture of it. It also caused me to lost some spots of hair over my body. They said I had alopecia (fancy word for "hairloss"). Mommy was devestated but thankfully my hair grew back by the following year! It just meant I needed my rabies shot given deep in my muscle rather than right under the skin, where it's usually given. The vet told mommy she's seen this commonly in Chis and small terriers but never a min pin before. Maybe ask you vet if they heard of this. Good luck with the vet and have a relaxing weekend!! You look super cute in your pictures ;)

  10. Avery, we've never had any reactions to any shots we've gotten! Butt then again, we don't get all the shots the Devil says we have to get, beclaws Mom thinks that a lot of them we don't need. We haves to tell ya, our Mom is super smart when it comes to our healthcare and we are so furry glad for that!

    Do you have any exciting plans for Labor Day? We are going to see our Gramma and Grandpa out in the country, woo hoo!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  11. Hi Avery Jack, love your lazy day, sometimes just relaxing on the sofa with a blankie and the TV is just the ticket. I had my 3 year rabies shot last month and it was pretty easy...I don't have allergies though. My vet made me wait for a week and come back for the other shot. I think you will be ok.

  12. Hi Avery,

    That is what me and Banjo did yesterday! We hope your rabies shot doesn't make you sick. My mom says we have never had a reaction to the shot but one time the mean old man vet gave Banjo a shot in the neck muscle and it made him very sore. When she called out to tell them this, they said some dogs react like that. But mom knew better. It was the way the shot was given and not the shot itself that made Banjo sick. The shot should just be given under the skin and not into the muscle! That mean old man vet Banjo saw that one time is not allowed to touch us ever again. We only see the nice lady vet now.


  13. We are glad to hear you are feeling better with your new food. That was a nice relaxing day you had.
    We dont have rabies vaccines where we are - THANK DOG, THANK DOG, BOL!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  14. good luck with your shots.....don't trust that meanie hooman, the vet BUT trust that our guardian angel is looking over His shoulders to ensure you will be fine.

    mumster don't allow our meanie devil vet too much freedom so we only get shots AFTER she's driven dadster/her doc friends/or whoever can tolerate her Crazy with her questions!

    thank god for mental mumsters!

    chikisses and we love how you play with your mumster