Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sick as a Dog...

Let's just say that this week was not a good one for me. I got very sick with some kind of stomach virus bug and spent two days at the vet. Traumatizing experiences..let me tell you. It all began on Wednesday when my Aunt Lauren got home from school she discovered that I had diarrhea all over the house and the carpet. My Aunt Lauren called my mom at work and told her to come home because she felt that I might need to go to the vet and get some help. My mommy rushed home from work and came home and off we went to the vet. I didn't even care that I was going to that dreadful place. I felt absolutely miserable.

When I got to the vet he examined me and said that there was a virus going around and that apparently there have been some other dogs that have gotten it recently. He gave me some antibiotics and some fluids that caused me to have a hump like some camel or something. I looked ridiculous, but I really didn't care because I felt so bad. My mom took me home and I spent the rest of the evening and the whole night getting up every 45 minutes to use the bathroom. It was horrible. Neither my mom, mawmaw or I got any sleep that night.

The next day my mom was off work and the vet wanted her to bring me back in to check on everything and see if they needed to administer any more fluids. She took me back to the vet and left me there ( rude.. she had an interview and didn't want me to stay at home all alone..). I paced the kennel all day and wouldn't drink any water or lay down. I was extra stressed so the vet deemed it necessary for me to have a camel hump again. I cared about how I looked today as there was a hot little chihuahua in the kennel across from me. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, my mom came and picked me up and took me home. I was feeling a little better at this point and was acting a lot more like myself.

Now I am back to terrorizing and getting into trouble, so needless to say, I am much better. I did love all the attention and care that I got from my mommy, mawmaw, and Aunt Lauren when I was very sick, but I don't want to even think about going through that again..


  1. Oh Avery, I heard that you were sick, and I was so worried! I've grown to like reading about you. You're so handsome and take the best photos! You really should be a model, talk to mommy about that.

    But you are better, and now I shall not worry about your illness. Whew, that is a relief. But the thought of you suffering so, just haunts me. Love you, Avery! Signed: Your Fan.

  2. Whew, we are so glad to be reading that your tummy is feeling better! It's not fun being sick.

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  3. Glad to hear that your story had a happy ending! I, myself, have had this problem before and I can tell you it is no fun! I live with Gramma and Papa and they hold me a lot when I am feeling bad. Gramma and I write letters to my boy in Minnesota. We found you through Chewy and Lilibell. Gramma says that are adorable and I suppose I would have to agree.

    Your new friend, Wall-E

  4. Hi Avery Jack, I am so glad you are doing OK now. Going to the VET is not fun at all. We found you at Lilibell and Chewy's bloggie and want to be your friend.

  5. Oh no, poor Avery! I'm sorry you had a bad tummy virus - no fun at all!! I'm glad you're feeling better now!

  6. Poor baby, we hope you are feeling much better now!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx